Jaco Pastorious Documentary The Great Electric Bass Player

Check out this great Jaco Pastorius Documentary JazZ Virtuoso

Jaco Pastorious Documentary

Jaco Pastorious Documentary

Jaco completely changed the electric bass player forever. Originally from Florida he would later join the famous fusion band Weather Report with Wayne Shorter on Sax and Joe Zawinul on Keys. He was the first electric bass player to pull the frets out.  Jaco’s Fretless Fender Jazz Bass with the Mids turned up gave it a distinctive tone. This tone was very clear. You could clearly hear all the notes and it wasn’t muddy sounding at all.

He would later  use harmonics, chords, and compose amazing pieces. He was a virtuoso like Art Tatum on piano, Jimi Hendrix on Guitar, or Charlie Parker on Saxophone. Going to the top and then tragically declining due to depression, Jaco was killed in a violent fight with a night club bouncer who ended up doing a very short amount of time.


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