Cash for motorcycle title loans are growing in popularity in Los Angeles

cash for motorcycle titleDo you have a motorcycle in the garage that’s collecting dust?

Are in a desperate circumstance? Cash for motorcycle title loans are growing more and more popular everyday with the current economy. Times are tough, and people don’t spend money like they used to. Most people are struggling, I know I am!

Cash for motorcycle title loans make it so you can continue to ride your bike while paying off the loan. Motorcycle title loans are high interest loans, where the lender puts themselves as the lien holder on the motorcycle until you can pay off the loan. The loan is based on 50% of the appraised market value for your motorcycle. The least a lender can give you in the State of California for a cash for motorcycle title loan is $2,500. In other States the minimum a lender an loan varies. Some states have a minimum of $1,500. Be prepared to prove income prior to applying for your motorcycle title loan. If you are currently employed you must provide pay stubs. If you are unemployed or on disability, or SSI bring in your bank statements. The lender has to feel confident you will repay the loan. Some lenders offer no credit check motorcycle loans.

Whoever is applying for the loan has to have their name on the title. If the title is your mother’s name your mother has to give consent for the loan. If there are two peoples names on the title one of the two can apply for the loan as long as it says “or: between the two names. For instance if it says the car is Jim or Sandy Johnson’s name only Jim or Sandy need to be there. If the title says Jim and Sandy Johnson then both will have to agree.

If your ready to get the loan please fill out our motorcycle title loan online application to get the ball rolling. We are also here twenty four/seven to answer any questions you may have regarding motorcycle title loans. Just include your question in the subject line of the online application.



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